Immigration Appeals


Immigration Appeals

Foreign nationals frequently find that they are fighting an uphill battle when they try to legally remain in the U.S. Their first attempt may not be successful. However, this does not mean that the fight is finished. If you have been denied in your attempt to legally stay in America, then you may need to file an immigration appeal. Speak to one of the Miami immigration appeal attorneys at Estrella Immigration to learn more about your rights.

Mistakes often occur in court or even in the proceedings that lead up to a hearing. These mistakes may mean that your day in court was not as fair and unbiased as it should have been. Usually, this does not mean that you will immediately be deported. In fact, you may have a chance to appeal the court’s decision.

Miami immigration appeals are especially serious legal matters. At Estrella Immigration, our lawyers understand the pain and suffering that you and your family are experiencing. This is because we have represented countless families just like yours who are struggling with immigration. We fought for the rights of those families, and we are prepared to fight for yours as well.

Experience counts when it comes to immigration appeals in Florida. These appeals involve a highly specialized process in a very specific setting. Unless a practitioner is well-versed in the practices of immigration appeals, they may make costly errors. It is always wise to go with an experienced immigration lawyer who has a demonstrated record of success with appeals. This is exactly what you get with Estrella Immigration.

In most cases, you have only 30 days after the judge’s decision in which to file an appeal. This means that you must act quickly when your motion has been denied. The sooner you find a qualified attorney to represent your interests, the more likely it is that the appeal will be successful. This makes it vital that you work with a lawyer who understands the process inside and out.

At Estrella Immigration, we have handled a wide range of Florida immigration appeals. These cases have included a broad array of immigration issues such as:

  • Orders for deportation
  • Mistakes made in the deportation process
  • Denials of asylum
  • Denials of visas
  • Denials of temporary protected status

If any of these situations, or others, apply to you, then you may need an immigration lawyer who will aggressively defend your rights. The attorneys at Estrella Immigration are prepared to listen to your story, and they will do everything within their power to address any injustices you have suffered.

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