Political Asylum


Political Asylum

When violence and unrest in their home country would prove to be a threat to a foreign national in the U.S., then they may seek asylum. The American government frequently affords such protection to individuals who may face mortal danger if they were to return home. Of course, the process for obtaining asylum is not an easy one. Having the experienced practitioners at the Estrella Immigration firm on your side will prove helpful.

People come to the U.S. for many reasons. Some of them hope to ultimately become a permanent resident or a citizen. Others plan to only stay for a brief period or a few years. When things change for the worse at home, this person who planned a limited U.S. visit may need to prolong their stay. The U.S. government may be able to help by granting asylum.

Foreign nationals living on U.S. soil who fear that they would be persecuted at home may seek asylum. This status may be sought when a person believes that their religious, personal or political beliefs may put them at risk in their home nation. Additionally, people who likely will be persecuted because of their social class, race or ethnicity may be entitled to protection in the U.S.

Every situation is unique, and not everyone receives asylum simply because they asked. This makes it wise to work with a legal professional who is familiar with the process of requesting asylum. They know the evidence that government officials are most likely to find compelling, and the best way to present that evidence.

If, after reviewing your situation, your immigration lawyer determines that you do not meet the requirements for asylum, there is still hope. Your attorney can advise you regarding your ability to request temporary protected status from the U.S. Justice Department. There is hope in most situations, and your lawyer from Estrella Immigration can help you find the hope in your circumstances.

No one can apply for asylum if they have already been in the U.S. for more than one year. If you just arrived here or if you have only been here for a matter of weeks or months, then you may be eligible. It is imperative that you apply quickly if you have been in America for several months so that you do not miss this deadline. After your application is filed, it will be reviewed, and you will be scheduled to come in for an interview.

Immigration officials who review these applications and conduct the interviews are trying to establish that the applicant is fearful of persecution, and that these fears are well founded. Additionally, it is necessary to demonstrate the likelihood of persecution if the individual returns to their home country.

This is why the services of an experienced asylum attorney are indispensable. Your lawyer can make the nuanced legal arguments that are required in these situations. Moreover, he can present the evidence to support your claims in a convincing manner.

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